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Timon started playing drums at the age of ten. Later, he also learned to play the mallets (vibraphone, marimba), which led him mainly into the direction of Jazz and Fusion. When he started writing his own songs as a teenager, he switched from the sticks to the keys and taught himself to play the piano. As a keyboardist, he worked with swiss acts like Myron, China, Gotthard, Michèle, Anna Lu and more. His great musical influences are Peter Gabriel, Sting, Elton John, Genesis and others.

Cyrill plays guitars since he was a little boy. Making his first experiences with an ukulele at the age of 6, he later learned to play the classical guitar. But soon it was the electric stuff he was fascinated in. With a good sense for sounds, he worked on his skills as a solo guitarist. He played on stage with swiss acts like Myron, Ritschi, Marco Rima, Mia Aegerter as well as with international artists Eros Ramazzotti, Eric Valentine and Deer Park Avenue. His musical heroes are Toto & Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Neal Schon, Dann Huff and others.


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